About Us


YEEC seeks to address the lack of entrepreneurial skills and professional linkages among young engineers by providing access to training opportunities, access to SME Funding and startup capital, savings and enterprise development support, market oriented employability skills and other interventions geared towards financial independence of young engineers and other ancillary professions.


To bridge the skill sets gap between young professionals and entrepreneurship development by delivering innovative programmes that will empower young individuals to achieve their full enterprise potentials


To be the ultimate  hub for the promotion of entrepreneurship in young professionals as a catalyst for inclusive and sustainable economic growth in Africa.


The Young Engineers Entrepreneurship Club (YEEC) is a registered Professional Development organization (CAC/IT/125233) that aims to bridge the skills gap between young engineers and entrepreneurship development initiatives. YEEC seeks to support the development of Nigeria’s human capital through quality technical and entrepreneurial enhancement schemes necessary to facilitate economic growth. YEEC is committed to advancing and supporting entrepreneurs across Nigeria and Africa by delivering innovative programmes and services that empower young individuals to achieve their full enterprise potentials. YEEC’s mandate is consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) especially Goal 8 on Promotion of sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive and decent work for all (Goal 8). Read More here

Why focus on Young Engineers

In recent times, the demography of young people in the Engineering profession is quite high and the Engineering discipline is multi-faceted with several fields, specializations and branches. The Engineering discipline has the largest pool of professionals with ever expanding areas of expertise. 

However, there is a clear mismatch between the skills often learned in the secondary and university education systems and labour market supply needs, specifically related to employability and high-growth opportunities within the sector. 

There are also clear gaps that pertain to lack of engineering youths’ self-confidence and deficit of other life skills that are necessary for young engineers to have the agency and ability to actually use the technical skills acquired in university education systems to become successful entrepreneurs. 

It has been observed that many Young Engineers do not consider pursuing the endless possibilities available in the entrepreneurial sphere due to high dependency on seeking paid employment and lack of knowledge on specific business skills such as starting an MSME, business planning, marketing skills and knowledge of marketing channels, enterprise awareness etc. These business skills are typically not featured in the Engineering curriculum and Teachers and Lecturers usually have little or no experience running a business, and limited or non-existent experience within the private sector. Hence there is a gap in knowledge transference in this important area as entrepreneurial spirit is not stimulated in young persons early enough.

YEEC is poised to bridge this gap by empowering young engineers to become entrepreneurs and cater to the ample service demands arising from the various business value chains ranging from Agriculture, Agribusiness and Agri-processing, Information and Communications Technology, commercial/retail business, media & entertainment, Logistics and Transportation, Tourism and Hospitality, Education and Trainings, Power and Energy Generation etc. YEEC shall create a platform for promotion of entrepreneurship opportunities and horning entrepreneurial skills in
young engineers while equipping them to utilize their technical skills in pursuing entrepreneurial ventures.

Promoting youth entrepreneurship has the potential to contribute to social development as it offers young people an opportunity to increase their earnings through self-employment, and to create jobs for others, thereby raising their living standards and those around them, while reducing poverty and building sustainable livelihoods. 

The YEEC initiative is shall create an ecosystem that fosters the emergence, structuring and professionalism of entrepreneurship for young engineers, making it a conducive option to job and wealth creation.