Objective: To ensure close guidance that will encourage the personal learning and development of entrepreneurial skills in mentees.



To become a mentor, you have to register as a YEEC VOLUNTEER (MENTOR). The process will be subject to review. Following acceptance for mentorship, access to the mentorship and learning platform will be given. Matching the mentees with mentors will be by requests from mentees and administrative matching to ensure best fit.

Become A Mentor


Abhina Ajiman

Abhina is an Alumna of Harvard with 19 years of Managerial experience working in the Oil & Gas, logistics and Security industry in Nigeria. She possesses strong Leadership skills that are backed with Honesty and Integrity and have successfully coordinated departments concerned with Corporate Social Responsibility, Operations, Production, Organizational Development and Restructuring, Management & Administration...

Justice O. Derefaka

Justice is a Marine Engineering graduate from the Rivers State University (RSU), Port Harcourt. He has a master’s degree in environmental management from the University of Lagos (Unilag) and a second master’s degree in Sustainability Leadership from the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom (UK). He is a doctoral research scholar rounding up his study at the university of Bradford, United Kingdom. His doctoral thesis is on: “Aligning Corporate Governance Strategy (“CGS”) with Sustainability in the Petroleum Industry in Nigeria (“PIN”)”...

Emeka Unachukwu

Emeka Unachukwu is the Founder/President of DEVELOPe-U and Immediate Past President of Port Harcourt Chamber Of Commerce. He is an elected council member of NACCIMA, the Regional Vice President Coalition of South-South Chamber of Commerce, board member of Nigeria-Niger Republic Business Council, Belgium-Luxembourg-Nigeria Chamber of Commerce, Nigeria-London Business Forum and the Nigeria-Slovenia Business Council...

Gogo Levi Charles

Gogo is a banker by training and practice of over 20 years' experience with proven competences in Investment Banking, Treasury Management, Risk Assets Management, Commercial and Retail Banking. Prior to this current engagement, Mr Charles has had a quality public sector exposure as a two-time member of the Executive Cabinet of the Rivers State Government spanning 2007 to 2015, holding the portfolio of the Honourable Commissioner, Budget & Economic Planning...

Ezekwere Ndubuisi Henry

Senior Oil and gas consultant with specialization in Asset integrity management Engineering. An ISO IRCA certified lead auditor for Quality management system QMS, Environmental management system EMS and ASAS . Engr, Ezekwere Ndubuisi Henry is a senior member of Nigeria Red cross and a volunteering member of Canada Red Cross.

Ibinaiye Wale Kayode

Ibinaiye Wale Kayode is a Microsoft Certified Software developer(1999) and the Chief Software Architect for CAD Consulting Limited, a company that specializes in planning , designing, developing and maintaining enterprise Software Solutions. He has developed numerous software solutions including CADERP and TradeFigure. His solution development experience spans, desktop, web, mobile and embedded systems.

Dr. Wisdom Patrick Enang

Dr. Enang is an internationally published authority in the field of engineering, with some of his publications disseminated by renowned international journals like “Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews” Journal by Elsevier Publishers. He also serves as a review authority in several international journals, and as a keynote speaker in various national and international conferences.

John Obidi

John Obidi is a New Media Consultant, International Speaker and Personal Development Trainer. He is a highly skilled, compelling visionary and phenomenal resourceful person bringing practical intelligence and transferable solutions to both the workplace and marketplace as a whole; and doing so in the most innovative and unconventional ways, unlocking admiration...

Emeka Nobis

Emeka Nobis spent ten years of his life working as a Mechanical Engineer for a multinational oil servicing company. During his years working there, he met individuals who were gifted but couldn’t come to terms with showcasing their gifts to humanity. Emeka resigned from his job to focus on helping individuals who have a message to share with humanity, but are scared, doubtful and confused, to become exceptional...

Chinelo Dillimono (Rev Mrs)

Chinelo Dillimono (Rev Mrs) is a woman of many parts who has been a positive influencer in the last 3 decades and impacted so many within Nigeria and Internationally, speaking and singing in many countries including Gambia, Cameroon, Sierra-Leone, South Africa, Britain, Scotland and the USA . She is an experienced Multi-Gifted...

Dr. Ama Ikuru

Dr. Amaijaan Bertram Ikuru is a graduate of Civil Engineering from the University of Nigeria Nsukka. He bagged his Master of Business Administration (MBA) and PhD in Management (Business Policy and Strategic Management) from the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt. He joined the Board from Shell Petroleum Development...

Dr. Silva Opuala-Charles

Dr Silva Opuala-Charles is the President and Chairman, Governing Council of Garden City Premier Business School. Dr. Silva Opuala-Charles is a broadly skilled individual with thirty-two years of multi-industry experience spanned as follows: nineteen years of experience in the banking industry, over five years in the public service as commissioner of finance/budget/economy, Bayelsa state and over thirteen years in the private business development with subsidiaries focused on paint manufacturing, real estate, oil and gas, strategy and consulting.


As a mentor, you will work with up to five (5) assigned mentees in a career- based learning forum both online and offline for six (6) weeks. Thereafter, mentees will be posted out to implement a learning module.

There will be a Post training support for 6 months whereby monthly milestone achievements will be measured to ensure success.

Mentoring sessions will be delivered virtually through the Programme portal at times agreed upon by both mentor and mentee(s).

Mentors MUST complete an online registration form about their previous business experiences, interests and motivations. This information is used to match mentors with selected entrepreneurs, based on their needs and mentoring objectives.