To Train, Mentor, Engage and Establish 100,000 Unskilled and Jobless Youths Across Nigeria At absolutely FREE

Your Contribution Is Your Social Capital Investment To Building A Saner And Better Society


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I will like to tell you the consequence of poverty, unemployment and insecurity in our country Nigeria if we don’t rise up on the occasion to nip it at the bud.

My name is Adedayo Elusakin. I have been a broadcaster for over twelve years. Currently, I am with 92.3 Nigeria Info in Port Harcourt

NOW, statistics  from the  Manpower Board  and  the Federal  Bureau of  Statistics  showed that  Nigeria has  a  youth  population  of  about 80  million, representing 60% of the total population of the country. Now, out of this, 64  million of  them are unemployed,

In any country in the world, this cannot be a good thing and it must have grievous consequences

Unemployment has become the major problem bedeviling the lives of Nigerian youth, causing increased militancy, kidnappings, bandtry, cybercrime, arm robbery, restiveness and socially delinquent behaviours and great insecurity in the country. As a result, LIVES of innocent people, businesses are been lost daily including private and public infrastructures destroyed.

This is devastating to both individual and the society as a whole both psychologically and economically


Aggressive Skills and Entrepreneurship Development for JOB CREATION

This is exactly what YEEC Africa, a skill development and job creation non-for-profit  organization has been doing in Africa

NOW, in its Nigeria Youth Skills Festival tagged: TRAINING TO EMPLOYMENT PROJECT, YEEC Africa will be training and establishing 100,000 unskilled and jobless youth across Nigeria for ABSOLUTELY FREE.

I’m so passionate about the growth and development of this Nation. Crucial to that is capacity building of young people. Govt has proven it cannot do it. So, it is up to you and I to make this happen. We can make this dream a reality.

SO, You can be a part of this project as your social capital investment to build and reshape the destinies of these young persons across Nigeria.

Doing so, you will be contributing to not just building an harmonious and peaceful society, but an economically viable and prosperous Nigeria.

On how you can participate as a DONOR, SPONSOR, PARTNER, TRAINEE and VOLUNTEER

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