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YEEC’s Anticorruption / fraud clause

YEEC Africa has a zero-tolerance stance on corruption. Therefore, YEEC AFRICA has put measures in place to prevent, detect and institute appropriate sanctions. No grantee or scholarship awardee of any of YEEC’s programme should ever attempt to influence a staff member of YEEC AFRICA with monetary or any other incentive. Staff members o0f YEEC AFRICA are barred from demanding and or accepting incentive to guarantee the likelihood of a grant.

Under no circumstance will YEEC ARICA request a grantee to transfer money to any individual or organizations. If YEEC ARICA arranges with an organization to act as a physical agent for another organization, a memorandum of understanding will be signed between the three parties. Therefore, under no circumstance should any grantee or scholarship awardee transfer money to any individual or organization through a verbal agreement or an email request.