YEEC AFRICA being mindful of the ravaging effect of youth unemployment and the need to radically restructure economies and support communities, has turned to consider the possibilities of strengthening the creative economy. The creative ecosystem is an often undervalued and inaccessible group due to a lack of a central platform or developed community that will serve as a converging point for collaborations, creative enterprise, and business engagements.

In these times of financial uncertainty, it is imperative to support and stimulate the creative economy to deliver value and innovation by providing a platform for creative minds to gather, connect, collaborate, and deliver global solutions.

The YEEC AFRICA Creative Hub is a dynamic platform aimed at congregating diverse talents, disciplines, and skills to engender and intensify innovation. The innovative ideas and inventions will be amplified by YEEC AFRICA and showcased to the world to attract investors through massive media campaigns and linkages. YEEC AFRICA Creative Hub is a unique network that will drive the growth of the creative industries at the local, national, and international levels, thereby providing more jobs, more education, and more opportunities.

The aim of YEEC AFRICA Creative Hub is create an avenue where talented individuals can come together to foster and advance far-reaching innovations of national and international relevance.

  1. To offer creative minds the platform to intercourse with each other in order to access crucial resources such as tools, specialist services, or inspiration to develop projects and businesses.
  2. To foster the emergence of new startup ventures, new products and services, future investments, talent development and retention, and innovative outputs which will have a wide range of positive economic impact in Africa.
  3. To offer business support, networking, research, communications, talent support and market access to its pool of young creative minds.

The following persons are eligible to partake in the YEEC Africa Creative Hub initiative:

  1. Persons who have enrolled as members of YEEC and paid the applicable annual subscription fees
  2. Persons who are not members of YEEC, but are willing to join YEEC to maximize the YEEC Creative Hub platform.
  3. The membership categories eligible to access and participate in the Creative Hub are Graduates, Associates and Corporate membership categories of YEEC Africa.
  4. A person is deemed an “enrolled” member of YEEC upon his or her completion of registration with YEEC, payment of YEEC annual subscription fees and issuance of a unique membership code.

After the close of application window for the YEEC Creative Hub, all registered, candidates shall be scheduled to undergo a special training on entrepreneurship awareness and business development in preparation for displaying their creative ideas and products to the world. Creative minds with viable products and services will be required to pitch their ideas and products to a jury of business professional/investors who are looking to invest in startups. YEEC AFRICA will also financially support selected participants to start-off their business.

The YEEC AFRICA Creative Hub is open to producers of all manner of creative works, expressions and business ideas including (but not limited to) all ranges of arts and crafts, engineering such as metal work, wood work, mechanical, ICT, electronics, and maintenance, Interior decoration, model creation, photography, food and pastries and much more.

Kindly download the training form below, print it, fill it by hand, scan it and send it back to us via the email

For Non-Members of YEEC Africa:
Kindly go to membership registration page and choose your preferred membership category and proceed to register to obtain your membership code in order to participate in the training. After successful membership registration, a ‘Membership Code’ will be sent to you via email. Then you follow the process as stated “FOR MEMBERS OF YEEC Africa” above.

Note: Student Members are not eligible for this training
Note: Training starts immediately after Accreditation/ Induction in batches.

a) Eligibility criteria as stated in Section 3 above must be met for your application to be valid.

b) All ideas associated with novelty must be your original idea(s) or you must have obtained the necessary permission of the original idea owner(s) as YEEC Africa will not be responsible for any patent related complications that may arise.

c) Ideas must be legal in accordance with existing laws governing such ventures in your proposed country of your target market.

Download, fill and submit this form to