YEEC Emerging CEOs Platform

For Business Owners and Young Nigerians and Africans Who Aspire to Become Seasoned Chief Executive Officers of their Own Companies.


The aim of the YEEC Emerging CEOs Platform is to raise millions of successful Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of reputable organizations across the African continent thereby growing the GDP of Africa and fostering social and economic prosperity on the continent.

Emerging Business

(Membership Annual Dues: ₦57,542 or $144.23)
  • • Access to All YEEC Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Business Webinars for Business Development.
  • • Access to Free Basic Branding and Rebranding of Business.
  • • Access to Publicity and Business Promotion on YEEC Africa’s Platform for Six (6) Months.
  • • Access to One Free Exhibition Slot at YEEC Africa’s International Conferences
  • • Access to Funding and Networking Opportunities.
  • • Access to All YEEC Africa Trainings and Certifications.
  • • Access to One-on-One Contact with YEEC Africa Mentors.
  • • Opportunity to be Adopted as a Protégée by YEEC Africa Mentors.
  • • Access to YEEC Africa Creative Hub.