It is no news that Africans are highly talented, possessing creative minds with a dogged and resilient spirit. In-spite of these great potentials that lies within us, majority of the countries on the continent is still categorised as third-world countries. This is a narrative which must be changed and this change can only be driven by Africans.

YEEC Africa is aware that the bane of the African continent, which has led to the low GDP and prosperity of Africans, is largely tied to a number of factors including the ease of starting up a new business venture and thriving there-in, viz-a-viz the unfriendly fiscal and cultural climate. As an NGO, we have noticed that this has gone on for too long a time, leading to frustration on the path of the young entrepreneur and demotivating many others who are still nurturing the thoughts of launching out.

Until these limiting issues are tackled and brought to a halt, the African continent cannot rise to its full enterprise potential. Little wonder entrepreneurs rise exponentially in their ingenuity the moment they are exposed to the right atmosphere. Success in new start-ups has been the story of a hand-full who were fortunate to have the needed support. 

In YEEC Africa, we believe that every individual on the African continent can rise and enter into their full enterprise potential and we are resolute to make this happen. We have an undaunted resolve to help millions of individuals on the continent achieve their dreams, providing a holistic and exhaustive support to as many who desire to be their own boss, creating wealth for themselves and adding value to the society. YEEC Africa will hold them by the hands, helping them navigate through all encumbrances and impediments until they cross the threshold of limitations.

We have a proven model born out of years of informative research thus our decision to launch the YEEC Emerging CEOs Platform which will be beneficial to owners of new start-ups and those with business ideas who are yet to launch out.

The aim of the YEEC Emerging CEOs Platform is to raise millions of successful Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of reputable organizations across the African continent thereby growing the GDP of Africa and fostering social and economic prosperity on the continent.

The objectives of YEEC Emerging CEOs Platform is as enumerated below:

  1. To breed young CEOs on the African continent
  2. To help young CEOs successfully navigate through the societal, systemic and policy obstacles of building an outstanding brand.
  3. To help participants identify new markets and optimize new market opportunities
  4. To ensure that participants are ready for lurking opportunities
  5. Create economic prosperity for African Youths
  6. Boost the GDP of Africa

YEEC Africa, leveraging on her partnership with firms, government agencies and ministries, industries, high-spirited and accomplished individuals all over the world implements the following:

  1. Provide a hub for aspiring and upcoming CEOs of new entrepreneurial outfits.
  2. Provide mentorship to young CEO’s
  3. Provide company registration services
  4. Provide content development services
  5. Provide business plan and proposal services
  6. Provide training services
  7. Provide guidance and linkages for business growth
  8. Provide access to funding