Transforming Thousands of Africans into Global Technology Innovators, Consultants and Entrepreneurs

YEEC Africa seeks to add value to both individual and corporate entities on the African continent by helping them develop emerging technology skills in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence given the advent of FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION (IR 4.0). We have ensured that members will be learning from an amazing team who are passionate about value creation value through knowledge impartation there by giving serious-minded participants optimum value and turning them into proficient and well-sort after data scientist/analyst and artificial intelligence experts.

In course of the Training, Participants will;

  • Have hands-on learning experience.
  • Be taught with course materials prepared to give a solid understanding of data science/analytics and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Be given an opportunity to work on a real-life project, with real-life data to make you industry- ready.
  • Possess contemporary skills that will land them jobs or make them self-employed as freelancers, consultants or independent innovators.
  • Join a network of experienced data scientists, analysts, and developers who will help them transition into the industry.


The aim of YEEC Africa Professional Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Training is to transform thousands of Africans into global technology Innovators, Consultants and Entrepreneurs who are skilled in the art of developing innovative solutions for various industries via manipulation, torturing and turning raw data into actionable insights.


  • To raise ten thousand (10,000) Data Science and Artificial Intelligence professionals on the Africa continent on an annual basis.
  • To impact tangible skills to individuals as a tool for creativity, global impact and wealth creation.
  • To foster the emergence of new startup companies, products and services.
  • To encourage homegrown content and placing Africa in the limelight in the world of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

The YEEC Africa Professional data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Training are in FOUR levels namely:


The course modules include:


  • Data Science and Analytics First Principles
  • Fundamentals of Python Programming for Data Science and Analytics
  • Unravelling Actionable Insights with Python Analytics
  • Data Visualization, Interpretation and Result Presentation
  • Introduction to Power B.I
  • The Engaging Storyteller: Creating Interactive Reports with Power B.I
  • Building Powerful Data Models in Power B.I
  • Developing DAX Functions in Power BI – A case Study
  • Scaling up with Visualization Measures in Power BI
  • Data Preparation and Cleaning Techniques


  • Designing Insight-driven Experiments for Data Analysis
  • Understanding and Tackling Problems in Data Modelling
  • Leveraging Different Validation Strategies for Improved Analytics
  • Building Effective Data Analytics Solutions – Tuning Hyper parameters
  • Structured Approach to Power BI Design
  • Designing Innovative Product and Channel Dimensions
  • Creating Metrics for Aggregate Functions
  • Manipulating Time Intelligent Functions


  • Understanding and Applying the Bayes’ Rule
  • Advanced Big Data Analytics
  • Integrating Data in Multi-cloud and Hybrid Environments
  • Advanced Data Manipulation
  • Building Dashboards for Real-time Analytics
  • Designing Advanced Interactive Dashboard for Users
  • Enhancing Dashboard Designs with Embedded Media
  • Advanced DAX Calculations for Enhanced Analytics
  • Understanding Data Security Behaviors in Power BI


The ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TRAINING is strictly on Special Demand and is only open to those who have undergone the Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Level course and have been certified by YEEC Africa trainers.

Please Note: You are only eligible to undergo ONLY ONE COURSE in a Year, that is, either BEGINNERS, INTERMEDIATE or ADVANCED level data analytics course. You cannot register for more than one course at a time.

  • Port Harcourt, Rivers State
  • Virtual (Zoom)


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