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/Frontend Training

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Web Development Classes:

Frontend Web Development is globally recognized worldwide as one of the most sought after IT service. The demands of high quality developers has increased tremendously over the time in both commercial and non-proprietary organizations, thus a service used by many organizations globally. This course is aimed at equipping you as a professional with basic aspects, concepts and terminologies of Frontend Development.

This class is most suitable for only persons with pre-existing web design knowledge and background.

Sessions focus on concepts of different topics in Web Development with practical implementation in classes.

Course Contents:
PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript (JS)

Course Outline:
– Database Management System (MySQL)
– HTML (Introduction to Markup Language)
Learn to create web pages using html
 Introduction to CSS
Learn to styling/ formatting web pages
– Javascript (JS) Fundamentals
– Introduction to PHP (Programming Language)
– Practical class
– Get certified

Course Requirement:

  • Trainee should possess basic computer knowledge
  • Trainee should attend trainings with a laptop (+ access to internet if available).

Course Information:
Course Duration: 5 weeks
Date & Time: Mon, Wed and Fri (OR Saturdays only) by 10:00am to 1:00pm prompt.
Training Location: Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Admission Guideline:
A trainee is considered “Qualified” candidate for ICT Training Programme if he/she meets the below guidelines before admission into a class:

  1. Provide proof of payment for the approved YEEC membership registration plan relating to ICT Training eligibility criteria
  2. Provide YEEC membership code.
  3. Must have selected ICT as the preferred  training programme during registration in registration form.
  4. Provide a Government approved ID as a means of registration verification.


Until your membership registration payment is confirmed by our team, you will not be admitted into any training class.