YEEC will support 50,000 undergraduates and postgraduates students across Africa through this program

YEEC AFRICA discerns that access to affordable education is the trigger for developing indigenous human capacity in Nigeria and Africa. The right to basic education is enshrined in almost every international declaration on Human Rights globally. In today’s world, education is no longer a luxury for the privileged, but a necessity for an individual’s economic opportunity and competitiveness in the society. Possession of skills and education is a key indicator for individual and national prosperity. However, the sad reality in Nigeria and Africa is that not every individual possess the financial capacity to obtain basic education. This major problem has badly affected the development of the African continent.

YEEC is passionate about assuaging this problem by promoting education and launching a Scholarship Programme to aid the development of human capacity in students who are financially deprived. The YEEC Scholarship Programme is delighted to invite applications from suitably qualified candidates for Undergraduate and Postgraduate (Masters) Scholarship in Nigerian/African tertiary institutions vis-a-vis Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education, Schools of Nursing, Schools of Health Studies and Schools of Midwifery.

YEEC Africa Scholarship Programme aims to offer a minimum of one thousand scholarships annually to her student members.

The objectives are;
i) To foster the development of indigenous knowledge and capacity among young person in Africa.
ii) To aid suitably qualified Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students with low financial capacity
to achieve education in the field of their choice and gain competitive advantage.
iii) To encourage the improvement of capabilities embedded in Africa’s youth population by
breaking the financial barriers to education and talent development.
iv) To provide the resources to create an enabling environment for the next generation of Africa’s
leaders to gain competence for accelerated economic and social advancement

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