YEEC will support 50,000 undergraduates and postgraduates students across Africa through this program

YEEC AFRICA discerns that access to affordable education is the trigger for developing indigenous human capacity in Nigeria and Africa. The right to basic education is enshrined in almost every international declaration on Human Rights globally. In today’s world, education is no longer a luxury for the privileged, but a necessity for an individual’s economic opportunity and competitiveness in the society. Possession of skills and education is a key indicator for individual and national prosperity. However, the sad reality in Nigeria and Africa is that not every individual possess the financial capacity to obtain basic education. This major problem has badly affected the development of the African continent.

YEEC is passionate about assuaging this problem by promoting education and launching a Scholarship Programme to aid the development of human capacity in students who are financially deprived. The YEEC Scholarship Programme is delighted to invite applications from suitably qualified candidates for Undergraduate and Postgraduate (Masters) Scholarship in Nigerian/African tertiary institutions vis-a-vis Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education, Schools of Nursing, Schools of Health Studies and Schools of Midwifery.

YEEC Africa Scholarship Programme aims to offer a minimum of one thousand scholarships annually to her student members.

The objectives are;
i) To foster the development of indigenous knowledge and capacity among young person in Africa.
ii) To aid suitably qualified Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students with low financial capacity
to achieve education in the field of their choice and gain competitive advantage.
iii) To encourage the improvement of capabilities embedded in Africa’s youth population by
breaking the financial barriers to education and talent development.
iv) To provide the resources to create an enabling environment for the next generation of Africa’s
leaders to gain competence for accelerated economic and social advancement

a) Applicants must be an African.
b) Applicants must be a student undertaking any Undergraduate/Post Graduate course in any of the Nigerian/African Universities, Polytechnics, and Colleges of Education irrespective of the level/field of study.
c) Applicants must register as a member of YEEC Africa

i) Applicants must be a full time student in any of the Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of
Education, School of Nursing, School of Health Studies and School of Midwifery in Africa.
ii) Applicants must be a registered student in the University, Polytechnic, College of Education,
School of Nursing, School of Health Studies and School of Midwifery as at the time of applying.
(iii) Applicants must be computer literate.

i) Applicants must possess full time admission letter into any of the Colleges of Education,
Polytechnics, or Universities;
ii) Applicants must have concluded the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) or possess a Letter
of exemption for (Nigerian applicants ONLY);
iii) Applicants must be computer literate.

Applicants in this category shall provide the following:

(i) Official copy of WAEC/NECO/NAPTEB result(s) or its Equivalent (for non-Nigerians).
(ii) Letter of admission into a Tertiary Institution.
(iii) Evidence of State of origin/ Local government Identification letter.
(iv) Recent passport photograph.

Applicants in this category shall provide the following:

(i) First Degree Certificates or Statement of Results
(ii) NYSC Certificate or letter of exemption
(iii) WAEC/ NECO/NAPTEB Result(s) or its Equivalent (for non-Nigerians)
(iv) Admission Letter into Postgraduate studies
(v) Evidence of State of origin/ Local Government Identification Letters
(vi) Recent Passport Photograph

i) To apply for YEEC Scholarship Programme (Undergraduate and Postgraduate), simply log on to
ii) Register with YEEC AFRICA (that is if the applicant is not a member of YEEC AFRICA) and pay applicable subscription fees at our secure payment gateway.
iii) Fill out the application form provided in the YEEC Scholarship Programme tab on the YEEC AFRICA homepage. Ensure that you provide all required information.
iv) Upload required documents
v) Applicant must ensure that the name used in the application form matches the names on all documentation in the same order or has an affidavit to back up any changes.
vi) After successful completion of the application form, Applicants shall click the SUBMIT button to submit the application.
vii) Applicant shall receive an email confirming successful submission of application.
viii) A Scholarship Screening Board shall review the application, after which success applicants shall receive a confirmatory email providing details of the Aptitude test.
ix) Aptitude test commences from September 18, 2020 and ends October 18, 2020.
x) Note that Aptitude tests will be taken online using your Android Phones, Tablets/IPads, PCs/Laptops, or Desktop Computers.
xi) Applicants who are successful at Aptitude tests will be shortlisted for the Scholarship Award.

The Undergraduate Scholarship Award for Applicants in Universities, Polytechnics, and College of Education Applicants shall be ₦100,000 ($327) for the given Study Year.

The Postgraduate (Masters) Scholarship Award for Applicants in Universities, Polytechnics shall be ₦150,000 ($490) for the given study year.

Download, fill and submit this form to

YEEC Scholarship Programme

Application is open